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I write about film and occasionally other stuff. Xavier Dolan enthusiast. Trying to read books before seeing their film adaptations and sometimes succeeding.
A Star is Born

Lady Gaga is Headed for Oscar Glory in One Way or Another

By Siobhan Spera 

Three songs from ‘A Star is Born’ have been submitted for consideration for the Oscar for Best Original Song, and Lady Gaga could easily be taking home the gold for one of them.

Space Odyssey

Are There Movies That Can’t Be Remade?

By Siobhan Spera 

Watch a video essay that details the factors that make it impossible to remake certain movies.

The Favourite Emma Stone

Gotham Awards Nominees Hint at Unexpected Indie Contenders in the Oscars Race

By Siobhan Spera 

Among the already-established indie favorites this year, Eighth Grade and Hereditary are underdogs that could go far.

Anna Karenina

Keira Knightley to Star in Upcoming Comedy Drama ‘Misbehaviour’

By Siobhan Spera 

Knightley’s newest feature will be based on the historical events of the landmark 1970 Miss World pageant.

The Witch

The Three Types of Feminine Monsters

By Siobhan Spera 

Watch a video essay that sheds light on how feminine monsters perpetuate society’s age-old fears about women.

Ben is Back

Lucas Hedges and Julia Roberts Hint at Tearjerking Performances in ‘Ben Is Back’

By Siobhan Spera 

Emotional stakes are raised in the first look at Peter Hedges’ drama about a teenage boy struggling with addiction.

The Shape Halloween

The Ethical Boundaries of Jamie Lee Curtis and Gun Violence in ‘Halloween’

By Siobhan Spera 

When does the line between fiction and reality become blurred?


What Happens Next for ‘Shameless’

By Siobhan Spera 

Two of the series’ most beloved stars are bowing out, but the show must go on.

Keira Knightley Colette

‘Colette’ and the Period Perfection of Keira Knightley

By Siobhan Spera 

“Colette’¬†is the newest addition to Knightley’s subversive slate of historical films.