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Why Movies Like ‘Rafiki’ Deserve Recognition

By Siobhan Spera 

After winning a legal battle that lifted the ban on the film in Kenya, Wanuri Kahiu’s film reminds us why stories of oppression are as important as ever.

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Netflix Will Finish This Year On a High Note With ‘Roma’ and ‘The Kindergarten Teacher’

By Siobhan Spera 

After releasing an interesting assortment of original titles, the streaming service will be closing out the year with already acclaimed titles.

Natalie Portman Annihilation Mutations

Natalie Portman Is On the Rise Again in 2018

By Siobhan Spera 

After the success of Annihilation earlier this year, Portman continues to make 2018 proud.

I Killed My Mother

The Intricacy of Human Relationships in Xavier Dolan’s Films

By Siobhan Spera 

Dolan’s films share the common thread of understanding just what it is that bonds us with other people.


10 Movies That Inspire Wanderlust

By Siobhan Spera 

Here are some films that let you experience the world from your own home.

Singing In The Rain

Which Came First? 8 Movie Musicals and Their Adaptations

By Siobhan Spera 

Our enjoyment of popular movie musicals is one that seems to never fade away over time. But which came first: the musical or the movie?

It Follows

The Horror Classic Potential of ‘It Follows’

By Siobhan Spera 

In a time of horror hits and misses, here’s why It Follows has the potential to stand tall as a modern horror classic.

Back To The Future Doc And Marty

The 25 Best Time Travel Movies Ever

By Siobhan Spera 

In no particular order, these are the best time travel movies of all-time.

A Star is Born

What to Expect From This Year’s Fall Film Festival Circuit

By Siobhan Spera 

2018 is about to become an even better year for movies.