Mary Beth McAndrews

Mary Beth McAndrews thinks found footage is good and will fight you if you say otherwise. When she's not writing, she's searching for Mothman with her two cats. Follow her on Twitter @mbmcandrews. (She/Her)
Ghost In The Shell sex or utilitarian

Navigating Sexuality and Utility in ‘Ghost in the Shell’

By Mary Beth McAndrews 

Mamuro Oshii’s 1995 anime is a fascinating examination of the female cyborg and her assumed sexuality.


‘Cloverfield,’ ‘Trollhunter,’ and the Birth of the Found Footage Monster Movie

By Mary Beth McAndrews 

DIY aesthetics meet big budget productions in two films from the late aughts.

Bryan Bertino The Strangers Collage

Bryan Bertino and 21st-Century Nihilism

By Mary Beth McAndrews 

Director Bryan Bertino’s filmography is a dark and hopeless dive into the unpredictability of violence and the inability to truly avoid it.

Sundance 2021: The World To Come

The Frustrating Beauty of ‘The World to Come’

By Mary Beth McAndrews 

Despite its amazing performances and stunning cinematography, Mona Fastvold’s romantic drama can’t shake off the overdone tropes about lesbian relationships.

Sundance 2021: Mayday

‘Mayday’ is a War Movie Full of Whimsy and a Bit Too Much Ambition

By Mary Beth McAndrews 

Karen Cinorre’s film is reminiscent of the work of Wes Anderson but with a violent twist.

Sundance 2021: Superior

‘Superior’ is Beautiful and Bland

By Mary Beth McAndrews 

Erin Vassilopoulos’ feature debut is meticulously designed but lacks the story to hold up its beauty.

Sundance 2021: In The Earth

Science Collides With Folk Horror in Ben Wheatley’s ‘In the Earth’

By Mary Beth McAndrews 

Wheatley is back to his genre roots with this trippy interpretation of folk horror.

Host Fsr header

2020 Was the Year of Found Footage and Creative DIY Filmmaking

By Mary Beth McAndrews 

Even a pandemic can’t stop horror filmmakers from tapping into the found footage genre to create terror in the digital world.

Best Animated Series 2020

The 20 Best Animated Series of 2020

By Mary Beth McAndrews 

With their fantastical escapes and beautiful worlds, these shows served as much-needed reprieves from a dark year.