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Annette Adam Driver Marion Cotillard

What’s the Deal with Adam Driver Singing While Performing Oral Sex in ‘Annette’?

By Mary Beth McAndrews 

When Leos Carax asks you to sing into a vagina, you do it.

Fear Street music opening

Every Needle Drop in ‘Fear Street Part 1: 1994’ Ranked

By Mary Beth McAndrews 

There are 19 total needle drops in the first Fear Street movie. How do they stack up against one another?

Dickie Moltisanti Many Saints of Newark

‘The Many Saints of Newark’ is Not the Story of Young Tony Soprano

By Mary Beth McAndrews 

Director Alan Taylor clears up who the main character is in the upcoming ‘Sopranos’ prequel film.

Fear Street Part 1

What Makes THAT Scene in ‘Fear Street Part 1: 1994’ So Effective

By Mary Beth McAndrews 

‘Fear Street’ gives new meaning to the phrase “let’s get that bread.”

Don't Breathe 2 Trailer Lang

The Main Character of ‘Don’t Breathe 2’ is an “Anti-Villain”

By Mary Beth McAndrews 

The trailer for the sequel has fans reacting against the portrayal of “The Blind Man” as a hero. Even if the filmmakers are calling it something different.

Halloween Kills Trailer Michael Myers

Shot by Shot with the ‘Halloween Kills’ Trailer

By Mary Beth McAndrews 

Could this mean the end for Michael Myers?

The Strangers

Back to the Movies: An Ode to Watching Horror on the Big Screen

By Mary Beth McAndrews 

Nothing can replace the power of seeing fear on the big screen.

Castlevania Netflix Final Season

‘Castlevania’s Final Season is a Blood-Filled Delight

By Mary Beth McAndrews 

TV series may come and go, but ‘Castlevania’ is forever.

Debate Week Best Picture Losers Babe

‘Babe’ is an Award-Worthy Tale About the Underpig

By Mary Beth McAndrews 

Nominated for Best Picture in 1996, ‘Babe’ is not just a story about a talking pig but also about compassion and believing in yourself.