Mary Beth McAndrews

Mary Beth McAndrews thinks found footage is good and will fight you if you say otherwise. When she's not writing, she's searching for Mothman with her two cats. Follow her on Twitter @mbmcandrews. (She/Her)
Blair Witch

Creating Fear Using the POV Shot

By Mary Beth McAndrews 

From the sinister gaze to the found footage genre, POV shots have helped shape the cinematic language of fear.

Watchmen Dr Manhattan

The Many Romances and One True Love of Dr. Manhattan

By Mary Beth McAndrews 

Dr. Manhattan is no stranger to love, as seen in the graphic novel, but was Angela Abar always the one?

The Matrix

Leather As Power In Turn-Of-The-Millennium Genre Film

By Mary Beth McAndrews 

While ‘The Matrix,’ ‘Blade,’ and ‘Underworld’ seem so different they are united by one thing: their use of leather to connote rebellion and power.

Elaine May New Leaf

Queen of Comedy Elaine May Could Be Directing Again After 30 Years

By Mary Beth McAndrews 

Elaine May could be directing her first film in 30 years. Here’s why that matters.

Pixar Loop

Disney+ Knows What We Want: More Pixar Animated Shorts

By Mary Beth McAndrews 

Pixar offers its first look at six new animated short films from six new directors. These works cover pit bulls, Autism, oppressed robots, and more.


‘Terrifier’ Review: Please Do Not Send In The Clowns

By Mary Beth McAndrews 

Despite a phenomenal performance by David Howard Thornton as Art the Clown, ‘Terrifier’ is a vapid and mean-spirited piece of torture porn with nothing to say.


The Complicated Power of Princess Mononoke’s Villain, Lady Eboshi

By Mary Beth McAndrews 

Lady Eboshi may want to destroy the environment in the name of progress and utopia, but she isn’t as villainous as she seems.

Tcm Final Girl

The History and Transformation of the Final Girl

By Mary Beth McAndrews 

The trope carries implications of strength, perseverance, and resilience. But where did the Final Girl come from, and how has she changed?

Image Asset

In ‘Alien’ Horror Comes In The Form of Labor Exploitation

By Mary Beth McAndrews 

In space, no one can hear you scream. But, in space, can anyone hear you work? Ridley Scott’s sci-fi masterpiece asks that question.