And Then Stephen Chow Was Off ‘Green Hornet’ Again

By  · Published on July 15th, 2009

First he was in as director, then he was out, then he was in as Kato, then the movie wasn’t going to be made, then the movie was back on with a fortnight release date change, then Cameron Diaz was rumored to be on board, and now…now Stephen Chow is officially done with The Green Hornet completely.

According to Variety, Chow left the production due to scheduling conflicts (and not over, say, creative differences with director Michel Gondry), for several other projects that he was interested in making. That may or may not be the real story, but it’s a seriously inconvenient time considering that the production is supposed to begin in September, trying to make its Summer 2010 release date.

And that’s a serious role to fill.

Chow would have made a fantastic Kato since he’s one of the few actors out there able to blend martial arts and comedy really effectively. Don’t get me wrong, Jackie Chan is great, but he’s far too old for the part. My suggestion? Teach Morgan Freeman drunken boxing. That guy was awesome in Driving Miss Daisy. And before you call me out for suggesting someone older right after making that claim about Chan, remember that most of what I say makes little to no sense.

I am at a loss as to who could fill the now-vacant shoes. Bruce Lee is an icon that really made the role great, and Chow was the strongest choice possible. Now it seems like the production, no matter what, will have to settle for second best.

Unless Seth Rogen can play both roles through the use of CGI.

I suppose just stand by for news later in the week when Stephen Chow is back on as Kato and as Costume Designer.

Which is possible. What do you think?

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