‘A Christmas Prince: A Royal Wedding’ Trailer Breakdown

Netflix has great exclusives coming out over the next few weeks. There are selections like Roma or even the Bruce Springsteen concert that audiences might be excited for. As far as trailers go, there might be one that is more anticipated, but for a certain contingent of fans, A Christmas Prince: A Royal Wedding is the big sequel of the moment.

Beginning the moment Halloween ends, Holiday movies become a staple in homes across the country. Hallmark has long been the home of these gloriously disposable romantic-comedies. Each weekend there is a new holiday movie selection featuring roughly the same plot from the week before. Normally there is a meet-cute, some kind of turmoil with a former lover, a vague misunderstanding, and it is all tied up with reconciliation and a kiss. Netflix entered the scene last year with a few selections, but few captured the film communities’ attention like A Christmas Prince. A Christmas Prince featured Rose McIver (iZombie) as Amber, a journalist who gets a big assignment to cover the abdication of the crown prince of Aldovia, Prince Richard.

What captured everyone’s attention wasn’t that A Christmas Prince was a shining example of craft, but rather just how bad of a journalist Amber turned out to be. Her brainstorming left a lot to be desired, the mailed rejection letters were a joke, and she isn’t great at her job. Thankfully, she is better at making friends with children and winning the heart of a prince in only a few days.

Holiday movies of this ilk rarely get a sequel. Once the formula has worked its magic, another delightful pair is selected to match up in another one of these inexpensive features. A Christmas Prince is special though and there was enough of an audience to justify bringing all these characters back for another go around. That is why we now have the anticipated sequel, A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding.

Before the breakdown, here is the full trailer for A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding.

In case we’ve forgotten what kind of movie we are about to watch, Netflix made sure there was no mistake.

Amber is working on her blog and the scene wouldn’t be complete without a Christmas tree in the background.

A close-up of Amber’s engagement ring. This would constitute as spoilers for the original A Christmas Prince. Consider yourself spoiled.

This is in Amber’s dreams. The perfect wedding extravaganza. Netflix sure had a lot of Aldovia flags printed.

This is our portrait of a journalist in action. She even has an inner monologue that is perfect for explaining plot details. Nothing like becoming a Queen of a small country.

While you won’t find Aldovia on any map (despite it having its own international airport), this beautiful castle is real. According to the trivia page for the film on IMDB, it was filmed in Peles Castle, which is in Romania.

One of the first close-up shots of Prince Richard (Ben Lamb). He didn’t have much to do in the first movie, but he fits the part as a prince.

Netflix is letting us know we are invited. I wouldn’t want to show up uninvited, like Amber did in the first film when she pretended to be an English tutor.

Here we have the wedding planner. Having watched Crazy Rich Asians earlier this year, I can’t stop thinking of Awkwafina’s performance.

The dress fitting. One of the most emotional moments of wedding planning. An important moment to see the bride. Instead we are given a scene to show just how replaceable the protagonists are in these Holiday romantic comedies. We need just need a figure in a dress.

There isn’t too much going on in this scene except we see Amber and Prince Richard walking. I’d like to draw your attention to the shoes that Amber is wearing. She isn’t wearing Chucks! Her shoes were pointed out so many times in the original, I’d be surprised if the movie wasn’t sponsored by Converse. Either it was an excessive attempt for realism since that were the only shoes our journalist brought with her to Aldovia or she just really loved her Chucks. I guess she is going to have to make compromises if she is going to become the Queen.

Amber is incognito. She is finding it difficult to stay hidden from the cameras.

This Amber’s blog. If it is popular, it is because she has the in-depth scoop of being married into a royal family. Given her abilities that were showcased in the previous movie, I’m not so sure writing is her calling.

This is a photo of a woman who clearly does not want to her give up blog in order to become Queen.

I’m not sure why Prince Richard is seen riding a horse in snow in this trailer. In the first movie, it just seemed like an excuse to get our protagonists on a horse. It wouldn’t surprise me if one of the requirements for this movie is must be able to get on a horse. I’m not even sure they are actually riding the horse. You might be ogling at a stunt person riding a horse. Think about that.

In case you were worried that this movie wouldn’t end up happy, here is another Christmas celebration!

It is extremely important to have people clapping in a movie. Even if you aren’t having a good time, the act of people clapping is telling your brain that this is something to be applauded. Look how excited the man behind them is.

This could be a screenshot of the end of the movie. We have Amber in her wedding gown, we have Richard in his uniform and we have a humongous party. This is what you turned the movie on to see and even the trailer delivers the payoff.

Is this title to remind us of the trailer we just watched or does the trailer encapsulate the entire movie? That is for you decide when A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding airs on November 30th on Netflix.

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