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A Bidding War For a Mysterious Locked Box Heats Up In This Short Film

By  · Published on March 31st, 2014

Meat Bingo

Why Watch? The Meat Bingo team has done it again, creating a short film that is unsettling and not wholly explained. In Lot 13, directed by John Panton, a sparsely populated auction house achieves an uneasy silence for the items up for bid until a sealed box ignites a passive aggressive battle of bigger and bigger numbers.

For one, the use of space is first-rate, creating something familiar (at least through movies and TV) and perverting into a place that feels uninviting and off-puttingly religious. Instead of dank dark, it’s overly bright. Every detail is exposed, and not all of them are pleasant.

That awkward environment is established immediately, and is then pushed in a way that might make your skin win a crawling race. If crawling races are a thing. Do I wish they had a bigger FX budget? Yes. It is solid nonetheless? Absolutely. This brief stint into stark-raving insanity is an excellent example of the kind of fun that should come with blood pressure pills.

What Will It Cost? About 6 minutes.

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