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A Badass Frisbee Golfer’s Epic Life is Told in This One-Minute Short Film

By  · Published on April 28th, 2014

Zen Freese

Why Watch? Fletch Ferguson is an awesome Frisbee golfer who achieved everything he set out to achieve at an absurdly young age. So what’s his next step? A career shift that will change his entire epic life.

This short film from Zen Freese is a bombastic celebration of a huge personality condensed to an appropriately-long time: a single minute.

As you can guess, it’s built with quick-cut editing that channels Edgar Wright’s visual style (complete with Pilgrim-esque animation), but the overall feel is a sprinting version of the “Real Men of Genius” beer ads. Everything is larger than life, except the subject. Fletch wins by sheer hyperbole.

The music is delightfully upbeat, creating a constant (and repeating) thrumming that the visuals keep time to. However, the cherry on top is the radio-ready voice over narration that delivers achievements both unimpressive and mediocre as dry as you like.

What Will It Cost? About 1 minute.

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