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44 Things We Learned from the ‘Shaun of the Dead’ Commentary

“I’m very proud that we got to do a zombie film.”
Best Comedy Movies Shaun Of The Dead
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By  · Published on October 20th, 2011

Welcome to Commentary Commentary, where we sit and listen to filmmakers talk about their work, then share the most interesting parts. In this edition, Jeremy Kirk heads to jolly ol’ England for a pint of brain juice while listening to Edgar Wright’s and Simon Pegg’s commentary for the zom-com classic, Shaun of the Dead.

Shuffle. Shuffle. Groan. Crawl. Shuffle. And commentary on all of it. It’s the Halloween season, so you know the zombie movies are out there in force. But we always like a few lot of laughs with our scares. What better movie to dish out both of those along with an ample helping of heart – figurative heart, as in emotion, not actual bloody hearts being tossed about, though we have that here, too – than Edgar Wright’s Shaun of the Dead?

What’s even better, Wright has brought along a familiar and jovial voice to help him recollect some of the fun and interesting times on set. Simon Pegg is helping out with the color commentary, that color being red more than likely. So it’s time to head on down to the Winchester – provided they have a DVD player – grab a pint and your best cricket bat, watch the ball go from bat to wicket – that’s a cricket reference just to show I know a thing or two. That’s two things. I’m out. – and hear what Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg have to say in this week’s Commentary Commentary. Shuffle. Crawl. Shuffle. Groan. Brains.

Shaun of the Dead (2004)

Commentators: Edgar Wright (writer, director), Simon Pegg (writer, actor), a lot of British slang I don’t fully understand.

Best in Commentary

“I’m very proud that we got to do a zombie film. It’s like a boyhood dream come true.” – Edgar Wright

“I am a Prince fan, as well, but even I will concede that Batman was the start of the downturn, although Diamonds and Pearls is quite good after that.” – Edgar Wright

Final Thoughts

Every bit as fun as the movie itself but also incredibly insightful, the commentary track Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg lay down for Shaun of the Dead is a definite treat. There are moments throughout where Wright or Pegg just spout off names, make inside jokes that aren’t explained, or point out where a specific scene was filmed, basically elements that don’t interest everyone. However, for much of the commentary track, the friendship between the two bleeds through. It makes you want to hear more, actually.

Which brings up Pegg mentioning throughout the other commentary track on this DVD. There is a second commentary track for Shaun of the Dead featuring members of the cast, Pegg, Nick Frost, Dylan Moran, Kate Ashfield, and Lucy Davis. Something tells me that commentary track is loads of fun. Having said that, I hope you’re all fans of Shaun of the Dead, because that sounds like one I’m going to cover in the near future. If I can stand to sit through this slog again. Oh, who am I kidding? Next week?

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