Why ‘MacGruber’ Needs to Be R-Rated

By  · Published on August 12th, 2009

The other day when an interview with Bill Hader came out that discussed the upcoming concepts behind the feature-length MacGruber film, the reactions were mostly negative. Not because Hader claimed that he wanted the film to be R-rated (after proclaiming that he’d made information up in interviews before), but because most people don’t seem to be too keen on the movie.

I can’t say I’m super excited about it either, but I am thrilled at the possibility that it could be R-rated.

Here’s why.

Saturday Night Live has had a mixed track record with movies ranging from the genius of The Blues Brothers to the mediocrity of It’s Pat! which is clearly one reason for concern. The other seems to be that the sketch itself is short, sweet and always ends the same.

But doesn’t the very nature of that sketch demand a killer R-rating? Here are a few points:

I think we all realize that it’s going to be a movie-long “MacGuyver” parody, and I actually think that’s kind of cool. With the prospect that it can be as strange and challenging as it wants to be without limitations on how many times they can drop the F-bomb or talk about taints, I’m even more on board.

That’s right. I’m talking deeply about the possible comedy of what amounts to a Pepsi commercial.

What say you?

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