Wes Craven to ‘Scream’ Again?

By  · Published on October 19th, 2009

You should know that in Scream 2 during a scene where Sarah Michelle Gellar’s character Cici gets thrown off a balcony, there’s a completely visible head of a stunt coordinator that you can see if you pause or slow down the DVD. Fellow Reject Brian Salisbury taught me that, and it’s a lesson I’ve never forgotten. Keep it close to your heart and in your mind as you read the news/rumor that Craven is definitely/maybe on board to direct Scream 4.

According to a “very reliable source” close to Cinema Blend, the iconic horror director who has lived to see his early films begin to get remade is going to take his place back in the director’s chair for another installment in the horror franchise that lampooned and reinvigorated the genre.

Do I believe it? Probably. It’s not that far-fetched to begin with. We know the ball is rolling on the project, and it’s not like Craven has ever expressed grand personal ill-will at the franchise. Plus, either he’s fairly free or his publicist does a terrible job of updating people on his slate of projects.

Personally, I’ll be holding out for an official announcement of some sort, but until then, it’s a rumor that seems highly likely. Unfortunately, the source also mentioned that Neve Campbell’s role would be a small one. Can there really be a Scream without Sidney Prescott? Paradoxically, can there be another Scream with Sidney Prescott? That poor girl has had killers chasing her all her life.

Let’s give it a rest, serial killers.

Leave Sidney alone. Leave her alone!

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