Warner Bros. Reportedly Looking to Ben Affleck for ‘Justice League’ Directorial Duties

By  · Published on August 8th, 2012

Another day, another quick jolt of comic book news to keep us pumping. This time, however, it’s DC that’s lighting the wires up.

Variety reports that Warner Bros. has “approached” Ben Affleck to direct their highly anticipated Justice League film. “Multiple sources” have told the Variety newshounds that Affleck is expected to “discuss the project with studio brass in the coming days.” The stupid reportedly considers Affleck, who has emerged as a talented and energetic director, to be high on their “list of filmmakers who can be trusted with prime properties,” thanks to his work on both The Town and the upcoming Argo.

Adding beef to this story is the reveal that, of the list of possible candidates that WB is considering (and that list has not yet been revealed), Affleck is the only one who has been allowed to read Will Beall’s script for the project.

Additionally, Variety reports that “Affleck has made it clear that he’s only interested in directing films in which he also stars – The Town and Argo are proof of that – so its likely that if this pairing ever came to fruition, he would don a suit of his own.” Wait, when did we all forget about his stunning directorial debut, Gone Baby Gone, which starred his brother?

The job would, however, take Affleck away from directing any other other projects for a number of years, including another offer Affleck has on the table from Warners, that one to helm Greg Berlanti’s Replay. Justice League would likely not be ready for theaters until the summer of 2015, so such a lockdown of Affleck’s talents is a genuine concern.

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