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The Grindhouse Trailer That Inspired Edgar Wright’s ‘Don’t’


The elegant art of grindhouse trailer narration needs to come back. Who’s with us?

Pink Slip

The Art of the Twist: How to Do Causation-Based Comedy


What we’re watching: an expectation-subverting comedy short that’s a fantastic lesson in how to advance a scene.

How Stanley Kubrick Pivoted To Low Budget Filmmaking After ‘2001’


Never underestimate Stanley Kubrick.

Marcy Learns Something New

The Unexpected Tenderness of ‘Marcy Learns Something New’


Get schooled with this short film about a widow who attends a dominatrix workshop.

Wes Anderson Prada Short

The Cinematic Grammar of Wes Anderson’s ‘Castello Cavalcanti’


Sometimes, actions speak louder than words. And of course by actions we mean camera pans.

From The Drain

From the Drain to the Screen: How David Cronenberg Made Underground Film Accessible


What do two men sitting in a bathtub and the politics of Canadian film distribution have in common?

Hot Dog

Why Long Takes Excel at Capturing Confrontation


Because nothing captures spiraling decision-making quite like a oner.

The Stuff

Addictive, Destructive, Delicious: How To Sell a Movie Like ‘The Stuff’


How do you sell an anti-capitalist eco-horror about evil yogurt? With a totally straight face of course.

The Abyss

How James Cameron Recorded Dialogue Underwater for ‘The Abyss’


Well, it wasn’t easy. But it’s James Cameron so what’d you expect?