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The King Of Staten Island Pete and Kids

“An Improv for Cameras”: How Robert Elswit Shot ‘The King of Staten Island’


Here’s an interview with cinematographer Robert Elswit on the joys and challenges of blending comedy and naturalism in ‘The King of Staten Island.’

Rev Possum

How ‘Possum’ Uses the Uncanny as a Metaphor for Trauma


What’s worse than doppelgangers, puppets, and spiders? A combination of all three of course.

A Hidden Life Mountain

The Philosophy of Terrence Malick


Here’s a video essay that explains what Terrence Malick’s filmography can teach us about the work of Martin Heidegger.

Honeyboy Image

How to Read ‘Honey Boy’ as an Act of Forgiveness


Here’s a video essay on why ‘Honey Boy’ operates on empathy.

Eli Short Film

Animating a Manic Episode: The Bold, Beautiful Sundance Short ‘Eli’


What we’re watching: a true story that draws from the realms of high strangeness, magical thinking, and manic delusion.

Nichelle Nichols Uhura Star Trek

On Blaxploitation and Breaking Barriers: The Radical Impact of Nichelle Nichols


Representation matters. Just ask Nichelle Nichols.

Donnie Yen Kill Zone

Choreographed Chaos: The Realistic Fighting Style of Donnie Yen


Here’s a video essay on why Donnie Yen’s fight choreography kicks ass. Literally.

Whisper Of The Heart

How ‘Whisper of the Heart’ Captures the Rhythms of Being an Artist


Here’s a video essay about how Yoshifumi Kondō’s ‘Whisper of the Heart’ resonates with the experience of many artists.

Paris Texas Zoom

Re-Imaging Classic Film Scenes Through the Apps of Social Distancing


Here’s a short film that re-frames classic movie scenes in the context of the apps that have become popular in the age of social distancing.