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Noroi The Curse

Subverting Found Footage: The Uncanny Realism of ‘Noroi: The Curse’


Mockumentary > Found Footage

Wim Wenders Road Trilogy Kings Of The Road

Wim Wenders: King of the Road Movie


We’re always down to hit the post-war road with Wim.

R Lee Ermey Full Metal Jacket

How R. Lee Ermey Made a Gunnery Sergeant an Icon


You maggots interested in learning a thing or two about R. Lee Ermey?

Vertical Cinema Damien Chazelle

The Vertical Cinematography of Damien Chazelle’s ‘The Stunt Double’


Sure, you’d watch a film shot on an iPhone, but what if it were shot vertically?

Jeffrey Combs in Reanimator

Celebrating the Deadly Duo of Stuart Gordon and Jeffrey Combs


A video tribute to one of genre film’s most enduring team-ups.

Pedro Almodovar design

The Total Design of Pedro Almodóvar


Almodóvar is anything but subtle. And that’s a good thing.

Salo Ceremonial Costume

Pier Paolo Pasolini’s Cinema of Transgression


Here’s a video essay on why Pier Paolo Pasolini was the master of crossing the line.

Y Tu Mama Tambien voiceover

How ‘Y Tu Mamá También’ Gets Voiceover Narration Right


Here’s a video essay on how the voiceover narration in ‘Y Tu Mamá También’ teases out a political and personal consciousness.

Angry Young Man Trope If Malcolm Mcdowell

Unpacking the “Angry Young Man” Trope


He’s young, he’s angry, and he has something to say.