The Prime Sublime

The Prime Sublime is a weekly column dedicated to the underseen and underloved films buried beneath page after page of far more popular fare on Amazon’s Prime Video collection. We’re not just cherry-picking obscure titles, though, as these are movies that we find beautiful in their own, often unique ways. You might even say we think they’re sublime…

“Sublime /səˈblīm/: of such excellence, grandeur, or beauty as to inspire great admiration or awe”

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The Carpenter

‘The Carpenter’ Might Just Be the Most Bizarre Movie on Amazon Prime


Nothing is getting in the way of this ghost completing his renovation work.

The Medusa Touch

Richard Burton, Slow Burn Nihilism, and ‘The Medusa Touch’


He killed his nanny, his parents, his wife, and hundreds of others… and he’s just getting started.

Hell Cop

Fans of ‘Mad Max,’ Young Love, and Greek Mythology Should Watch ‘Highway to Hell’


A tragic Greek legend gets a fun revamp in this hella overlooked comedy from the director of ‘Drop Dead Fred’ and the writer of ‘L.A. Confidential.’

The Weekend Murders

If You Enjoyed ‘Knives Out,’ Make Time for ‘The Weekend Murders’


It’s murder, British/Italian style!

Crime Wave

‘Crime Wave’ Is Amazon Prime’s Best Kept Secret


This isn’t the Sam Raimi movie you’re looking for.