The Hateful EIght

The Hateful Eight

How ‘The Hateful Eight’ Turns Limitation Into Brilliance


The release of ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ means its is time to reflect on Quentin Tarantino’s past work. I think ‘The Hateful Eight’ might be his best.

‘The Thing Rides West:’ A Hypothetical Horror-Sci-Fi-Western from Quentin Tarantino


‘The Thing’ and ‘The Hateful Eight’ collide.

Happy Accidents: Bloopers So Good They Made the Final Cut


Don’t give Kurt Russell your antiques.

Michael Madsen Hateful Eight

Michael Madsen: “I Don’t Walk The Street Thinking, ‘I’m Michael Madsen.’”


In 2015, Jack Giroux interviewed Michael Madsen while the actor was promoting ‘The Hateful Eight.’ They mostly discussed Madsen’s poetry.