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The Clone Wars Raffa

‘The Clone Wars’ Explained: Witnessing the Shame of the Jedi in ‘Dangerous Debt’


Ahsoka Tano can no longer hide from the evils committed by her former colleagues.

The Rise Of Skywalker Animated

What If…? Colin Trevorrow Directed ‘The Rise of Skywalker’


An animated short film helps answer the question that will probably forever gnaw at fandom.

Clone Wars Deal No Deal Spice Slaves Screenshot

‘The Clone Wars’ Explained: No Need of Jedi in ‘Deal No Deal’


Ahsoka Tano comes of age in the gutters of the galaxy.

Eos Sfcs

Have You Noticed This “Strong Female Character” Naming Trend?


She’s not like those other girls because she’s basically one of the guys.

Eunice Huthart Screencap

Eunice Huthart on the Physical Revolution Required for ‘The Rise of Skywalker’


We chat with the stunt coordinator about the daily sacrifice committed by the actors, and how pleasure and pain become one for ‘Star Wars.’

Clone Wars Ep Screenshot Kick

‘The Clone Wars’ Explained: Ahsoka Tano is Done Being a Puppet in ‘Gone With A Trace’


The Jedi are fallible. We know this even better than Ahsoka Tano does. Once again, Order 66 looms over everything in ‘The Clone Wars.’

Rise Of Skywalker Creatures

Neal Scanlan On Making the Monsters and Cuddly Critters of ‘Star Wars’


We talk with the creature and special make-up effects creative supervisor about his passionate journey on ‘The Rise of Skywalker.’

Clone Wars Mace Windu Bamf

‘The Clone Wars’ Explained: Season Seven is All “Unfinished Business”


‘The Clone Wars’ is merely a skirmish within ‘Star Wars,’ and the pain experienced by its soldiers is never-ending.

Eos Mentors

Why Mentors Have To Die


Some archetypes should really come with hazard pay.