Erotic Horror Movies

10 Erotic Horror Movies to Frazzle the Prudes


A list to get you all hot and slaughtered.

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12 Films for the Horny and Isolated


If you’re wondering when you’ll be freed from your quarantine prison to scale the depths of Tinder again, well, maybe think about something else first. Here are 12 films that – more or less – understand what you’re going through.

Sex Education

We Can Confirm That Netflix’s ‘Sex Education’ F*cks


‘Sex Education’ is the latest in an emerging genre of sex-positive sex comedies that tackle what it means to be horny in the 21st Century. Why that rules, and our review:

Bi Representation

The State of Bisexual Representation in Our Pop Culture: 2018 Edition


There are all different manner of representation to be championed. Here’s a little advocacy for the bisexual community.

A Simple Favor

‘A Simple Favor’ and That Whole Lesbian Psycho Thing


How an overplayed trope with disturbing implications has real-life consequences.

Harry Potter Dumbledore

Dumbledore is Gay and the ‘Fantastic Beasts’ Sequel Should Embrace That


Ignoring Dumbledore’s sexuality does not do the ‘Fantastic Beasts’ franchise any favors.

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These Fall Films Authentically Capture Female Sexuality


Four films that refreshingly avoid catering to the male gaze.