russian doll

Russian Doll Season Review

Natasha Lyonne Rules In The Time Traveling Second Season of ‘Russian Doll’


Nadia takes a time train to the ‘80s in Russian Doll’s unique, rewarding second season.

Star Wars Leslye Headland

‘Russian Doll’ Co-Creator Leslye Headland is Making a ‘Star Wars’ Show


Leslye Headland has been tapped to front a female-centric ‘Star Wars’ series centered around an unexplored era of the timeline. You had our curiosity. Now you have our attention.

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The Best TV Shows of 2019


From big finales to long-awaited new seasons to stellar debuts, 2019 brought us more great stories on the small screen than ever before.

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20 TV Episodes To Watch Before the 2019 Emmys


Binge! Binge like your life and Emmy prediction bragging rights depend on it!

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The Best TV Shows of 2019 So Far


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Happy Death Day U

The New Rules of Dying and Repeating with ‘Russian Doll’ and ‘Happy Death Day 2U’


These two properties bring new wrinkles to the idea of time loops.

Russian Doll

‘Russian Doll’ Review: Natasha Lyonne is the Best of Netflix


Netflix’s latest, co-created by Amy Poehler, is a ‘Groundhog Day’-inspired look at mortality and sanity in New York City.