Oscars Amy Tina Maya

The Underrated Moments of Oscars 2019


Forget about ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and focus on the positives.

Roma Movie Theater

More People Watch the Oscars Than Go to Most Movies


Looking at the box office success of this year’s Academy Award winners, ABC is lucky to have as high viewership for the telecast as they do.

Oscars Voting

Rethinking The Oscars Voting Process


The outrage surrounding the Academy’s consistently poor decision-making isn’t for nothing. The whole voting process is fueled by thoughtlessness.


The Cinematography of ‘Roma’


Alfonso CuarĂ³n balances intimacy and grandeur in his most personal film to date.

Cold War

‘Cold War’ Might Be a Big Oscar Night Surprise


Will Cuaron make cinematography history with ‘Roma’? Or will ‘Cold War’ “steal” the award like it “stole” Bradley Cooper’s Oscar nom, which Cooper never had. Only in a fictive, predicted world in the mass social conscious.

Rewind Women Led

The Best Women-Led Films of 2018


It was a great year for women and the movies they led.

Rewind Spice

The Spiciest Film Controversies of 2018


From legal battles to nationalistic concerns, misrepresentation to cultural appropriation, resurfacing tweets to Netflix sticking its nose in everything, 2018 has had some peppery problems in the film world.

Rewind Best Trailers

The Best Movie Trailers of 2018


From our first footage of Jackson Maine to our last footage of Fred Rogers, here are some of the best movie trailers we saw in 2018.

Widows Viola Davis Steve Mcqueen

Four Movies Shut Out of the SAG Awards That Deserve More Attention


These overlooked films feature some of the most authentic and enrapturing performances of 2018.