Peter Weir

Dead Poets Society

‘Dead Poets Society’ and the Beat Generation


Thirty years later, the magic of this Robin Williams classic endures because of the thirst for learning that it continues to inspire.

Jim Carrey Truman Show

It’s The Truman Show and We’re All Living in It


The lives we live today reflect the broadcasted reality depicted in Peter Weir’s satirical, sci-fi comedy.

Picnic At Hanging Rock Girls

Fear and Longing in the Outback: Peter Weir’s Nostalgic Australian Cinema


In celebration of one of the most prominent directors of Australian New Wave, we dissect two of Peter Weir’s iconic films, determining their value as both Australian classic and cinema of the world.

Peter Weir Filmmaking Truman Show Jim Carrey

6 Filmmaking Tips from Peter Weir


In 2015, we compiled filmmaking advice from the director of ‘Dead Poets Society’ and ‘The Truman Show.’