nightmare alley

Dan Laustsen Nightmare Alley

Cinematographer Dan Laustsen Explains the Murky Noir Aesthetic of ‘Nightmare Alley’


Also: why his partnership with Guillermo del Toro is a match made in film noir hell.

Bradley Cooper in Nightmare Alley

Guillermo del Toro’s ‘Nightmare Alley’ Has Atmosphere to Spare


Bradley Cooper steals hearts, fortunes, and the film itself.

Coleen Gray in Nightmare Alley

A Wonderfully Cynical Noir is Our Home Video Pick of the Week


Plus 14 more new releases to watch at home this week on Blu-ray/DVD!

Nightmare Alley

The Magical and Seductive Power of ‘Nightmare Alley’


Although a departure from typical film noir narratives, its exploration of taboo is perfectly in line with the genre’s goals.