Moviepass Blue

Does MoviePass Deserve a Second Chance?


Maybe this time will be the charm? If not, at least you’ll still get to see a lot of movies.

Rewind Spice

The Spiciest Film Controversies of 2018


From legal battles to nationalistic concerns, misrepresentation to cultural appropriation, resurfacing tweets to Netflix sticking its nose in everything, 2018 has had some peppery problems in the film world.

Winners And Losers Header

The Pop Culture Winners and Losers of 2018


From ‘Black Panther’ to Filmstruck ending its service, 2018 was filled with Winners and Losers.

Miles Ahead Don Cheadle

The Movies I Saw in Theaters Because of MoviePass


If the end is indeed at hand for MoviePass, here are the films where MoviePass made a difference for one critic.

Teen Titans Go

Attendance is Down for the Latest ‘M:I’ and DC Movies


‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout’ and ‘Teen Titans Go! to the Movies’ disappointed at the box office over the weekend.

Death Of Moviepass

Will Subscription-Based Moviegoing Survive the Death of MoviePass?


With dwindling cash reserves and growing alarm among its users, MoviePass may not live to see the success of its own attempts at industry disruption.