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House Of The Dragon Dark

Movies Are Getting Darker, And Digital Is To Blame (Kind of)


Hey! Who turned out the lights?

The Black Stallion movie theater scene

If They Can Survive the Pandemic, Movie Theaters Might Be Here to Stay


Reports of the death of movie theaters have been greatly exagerated.

Amc Regal Theaters (rblfmr /

Moviegoing in The COVID Era: Going to the Movies is Now a Political Act


Any movie theater chains permitting mask-free moviegoing are making a clear political statement, even if they think they’re not.

Movie Theater Overhead

Movie Theaters Test the Waters Ahead of ‘Tenet’ Release


National cinema chains including Cinemark and NCG are re-opening their doors with tiered strategies this month.

Shawshank Theater

America’s Early Movie Theater Alternatives


Here are the ways Americans watched films outside of movie theaters long before Blockbuster and the Internet.

Russell Crowe In Unhinged

Russell Crowe and ‘Hamilton’ Will Compete for The Fourth of July Audience


Meanwhile, there’s a rumor that Amazon is looking to buy AMC Theatres.

Tenet Martin Donovan

Christopher Nolan’s ‘Tenet’ Release Gamble


He’s the hero the movie business deserves, but not the one it needs right now.

Trolls World Tour Poppy And Branch

AMC Theatres Trolls Universal Over ‘Trolls’ Release


The cinema chain announced a worldwide boycott of Universal movies, but nobody, not even the theater industry, really wants that.

Invisible Man On Vod

New Movies Head to VOD While Theaters Go Dark


Universal is putting ‘The Hunt,’ ‘The Invisible Man,’ ‘Trolls World Tour,’ and other would-be theatrical titles on the small screen during the coronavirus crisis.