Kristen Stewart


Love Lies Bleeding

‘Love Lies Bleeding’ Delivers a Beautiful Love Story Rubbed in the Dirt


Kristen Stewart and Katy O’Brian will have you cheering for true romance.

Kristen Stewart in Happiest Season

‘Happiest Season’ is Both a Progressive Rom-Com and Generic Holiday Fare


And that’s okay.

Poster Underwater

25 Things We Learned from the ‘Underwater’ Commentary


“I think it’s important to understand if something wants to eat you or not.”

Underwater Screenshot

The Ending of ‘Underwater’ Explained


If you want to survive a monster movie, you better pair up.


‘Underwater’ Review: Part Monster Movie, Part Underwear Commercial, All Good


Kristen Stewart is the cynical, no-nonsense hero we need.

Charlies Angels

‘Charlie’s Angels’ Review: Come for the Girl Power, Stay for the Kristen Stewart Power


A message, some fun action, and a very funny Kristen Stewart make for the most enjoyable Angels since the originals.

Underwater Shot by Shot

Shot by Shot with the ‘Underwater’ Trailer


‘Underwater’ isolates its heroes from society and pits them against a school of mer-monsters. No complaints here.

Lgbtq Movies

17 LGBTQ+ Movies To Look Out For In 2019


Here are some of the LGBTQ+ flicks we’re looking forward to checking out in the near future.

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart to Star in LGBTQ Holiday Rom-Com


‘Happiest Season’ will add crucial voices to the increasingly representative romantic comedy genre.