Horrorscope Horror Movies Streaming July 2021

All the Horror You Need to Stream in July 2021


Including a bizarre studio genre offering destined for cult status.

Dementia movie

The Unsettling Appeal of ‘Dementia’


In 1955, John Parker’s experimental feature didn’t find its deserved audience. Today, we present it as an essential work of horror cinema existing in the canon beyond the classics.

Evil Season Demon

‘EVIL’ Continues to Be Devious Must-See TV with Season 2


If EVIL season one was a meditation on the nature of evil, season two is a deep dive into its power to corrupt.

The Evil Dead Shotgun

Fake Blood and True Grit: How Sam Raimi Made 1981’s ‘The Evil Dead’


Turns out making a splatter film in the dead of winter is a horrorshow in its own right.

Basket Case

Separation Anxiety: The Anatomy of the ‘Basket Case’ Trilogy


“What’s in the basket? Easter eggs?”

The Conjuring The Devil Made Me Do It

13 Movies to Watch if You Like ‘The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It”


Think you’re brave enough?

Horror Streaming June 2021

All the Horror You Need to Stream in June 2021


Including a newly discovered and restored offering from George A. Romero!

The Strangers shot horror movie

Back to the Movies: An Ode to Watching Horror on the Big Screen


Nothing can replace the power of seeing fear on the big screen.

YouRe Next

Subverting the Home Invasion Film: The Dark Joy of ‘You’re Next’


There’s a genre “blender” joke in there somewhere.