Harrison Ford


Foreign Objects: Jackie Chan’s Armour of God I & II


In honor of Indiana Jones week here at FSR, today’s installment of Foreign Objects will take a look at the best Raiders of the Lost Ark homage/rip-off ever made. Luckily (and not coincidentally) it just so happens to be a foreign film.

Indiana Jones: The Man In The Hat Is Back… Or Is He?


Everyone is going nuts for Indiana Jones and it is well on its way to earning huge bucks at the box office this weekend… except me. I wasn’t sold on this trip down memory lane, and here’s my evidence that this just wasn’t an Indiana Jones movie.

Become Indiana Jones: Part II, The Attitude


Now that The Movie Style Guy has got you geared up to be the next Indiana Jones, you’re gonna need some accessories that you can’t get at the fedora store. In fact, step one is to avoid being seen at a fedora store. Step two is top secret, but FSR is more than happy to present steps three through eight.