Great Expectations

Great Expectations is a recurring series in which Aurora Amidon breaks down the most essential information about a highly-anticipated upcoming movie or show. What you can expect, where you can watch it, and more.

Explore the Great Expectations archive below

Succession Season 3

What to Expect from ‘Succession’ Season 3


Your favorite evil corporate family is back, and this time they’re not stopping until someone bleeds.

Candyman 2021

What to Expect from ‘Candyman’


If the 1992 ‘Candyman’ scared you, the 2021 version will make sure you never sleep again.

How It Ends movie

What to Expect from the Apocalypse Comedy ‘How it Ends’


Who knew the end of the world could be so upbeat?

Monsters At Work

What to Expect from the ‘Monsters, Inc.’ Sequel Series ‘Monsters at Work’


Your favorite monsters are back – with a twist.

Gossip Girl Reboot Zion Moreno Lee Smith

What to Expect from the ‘Gossip Girl’ Reboot


Three words. Sixteen letters. Say it and I’m yours: ‘Gossip Girl’ reboot.

Black Widow: Release Date, Cast, Plot

What to Expect From ‘Black Widow’


Finally, one of the best Avengers gets her own movie.