Better Call Saul

Better Call Saul Finale Gone

The Heartfelt Long Con of ‘Better Call Saul’


The story of a sleazy lawyer’s descent into amorality pulled off one of the most meaningful series finales in recent history by becoming the one thing none of us dared hope for: a redemption story.

Better Call Saul Season Review

‘Better Call Saul’ Is Steering Into A Thrilling, Nerve-Racking Endgame


Six seasons in, Better Call Saul has grown into a climactic, character-driven drama whose greatness parallels that of Breaking Bad.

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Here’s our definitive ranking of the best the small screen had to offer in 2018.

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The Best TV Episodes of 2018


The year’s best episodes broke our hearts, made us laugh, and above all, surprised us.

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The Best TV Characters of 2018


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Better Call Saul Kim And Jimmy

Better Call Saul: Ending a Season With Maximum Impact


The season four finale was a crushing, but necessary, moment of transition that was expertly pulled off.

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‘Saul’ and ‘Solo’: How to Deliver What No One Asked For


Two prequels show us the origins of something we didn’t need the backstory on. One of them does it right.

Bettercallsaul Season Bob Odenkirk Jimmy Mcgill X

What’s In Store for Season 4 of ‘Better Call Saul’


Can the show maintain its position as one of the best prequels ever made?