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2008 Golden Globe Nominations: Ledger, Cruise, Dexter!


The Hollywood Foreign Press Association announced their nominees for the 66th Annual Golden Globe Awards today, laying out what is generally regarded as a relatively accurate precursor to the Academy Awards nominations.

The Dark Knight Will Win Every Oscar. Or Not.


The movie with the best shot at garnering multiple Oscar nominations might not get any.

Oscar Week: Best Adapted Screenplay


Regardless of the name, the award’s purpose remains the same… to honor the best screenplay based on previously existing material.

Oscar Week: Best Feature Length Documentary


The award for Best Documentary Feature is not always the most glamorous, the nominees aren’t usually well known (or known at all), but the category is the one of the most prestigious.

Talking Points: What Do You Think of the 80th Annual Oscar Nominations?


The nominations are out, now it is time to talk about them…

The 80th Annual Academy Awards Nominations!


The biggest winner in the 80th Annual Nominations? Norbit, which was nominated for Achievement in Make Up.