These ‘Judge Dredd’ Set Pics Are Watching You

By  · Published on December 7th, 2010

Is there any film more highly anticipated than the new Judge Dredd? Yes. There are many. However, it’s the only film out there that has the best chance of righting a wrong from the past. It’s a rare instance of a remake (or reboot or re-adaptation or re-envisioning) that people are supporting outright because of its redneck past.

Fortunately, some new set photos have popped up, and they display a deserted Mega City One and its variety of snack options, dog catching vehicles and convenient INGSOC signage.

If you see a visor-headed shadow spying on you while checking these out, run for your damned life.

For random set pieces on an empty block, these look pretty great actually. There’s not quite as much detail as the set photos we caught from Watchmen a while back, but the world of Mega City One is one closer to our own concrete jungles, so it all makes sense. Who knows what else the production designers have up their sleeves. Hopefully more snack machines because it’s almost lunch time.

What are you going to get?

Source: Bleeding Cool

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