‘The Turin Horse’ Offers The Most Exciting Teaser Trailer You’ll See All Day

Oh, Bela Tarr. The works of this Hungarian filmmaker never fails to please. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s tapped soon for a huge tent pole project like The Avengers 2 or the inevitable Die Hard 6.

Sarcasm aside, the teaser trailer for The Turin Horse – the newest from The Man From London director – is 45 seconds of an old lamp. That’s it. A little wind, a little music, and a lot of lamp.

But you love lamp, right?

Check out this enigmatic, obtuse teaser trailer for yourself:

At any rate, I imagine it calmed you down. In our busy lives, it’s important sometimes to sit still and stare quietly at a lamp for a while.

Bela Tarr fans are foaming at the mouth right now.


Source: The Playlist

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