Taylor-Compton Won’t Do ‘Halloween 3’ If It’s ‘Rushed’

By  · Published on January 29th, 2010

The fine folks over at Bloody Disgusting have made my day, or at least made it a little brighter.

They caught a video featuring an online chat with Scout Taylor-Compton – the new Laurie Strode in the Rob Zombie-era Halloween movies – where she explains how they attempted to hire her for the next installment despite 1) not having a director b) not having a script and 3) wanting to shoot it in two months.

Remember how badly Zombie’s versions sucked? Keep that in mind as you watch:


I have no idea whether to praise her for using common sense now or mock her for not using it a year ago when they were shooting scenes with a horse.

But wait a minute…I thought the third installment was about haunted Halloween masks. Don’t they have to remake that one?

I’m kidding. Unless you think it’s a good idea. Because I do. But I’ll let you decide.

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