‘The Bronson Maneuver’ is a Hilarious Blend of Puppetry, Animation, and Spycraft

Not your typical spy flick.
By  · Published on May 12th, 2017

Not your typical spy flick.

It’s a scenario as old as the Cold War: a dapper-dressed secret agent infiltrates an enemy stronghold in search of a powerful object, only to find his way barred by a series of crisscrossing, high-intensity laser beams.

Once again this set-up has been employed in the film The Bronson Maneuver, which comes from Ryan Sluman, Joon Kim, Danny Dahlquist, and Mike McCain. The short is a blend of puppetry, animation, intrigue and humor that plays a helluva lot like a James Bond film starring Bruce Campbell, and you know I mean that in the best possible way.

Brief, abrupt and unexpected, The Bronson Maneuver is more than masterful animation, it’s a bite-size feat of comedy that comes out of left field to tickle your funny bone and upend the conventions of its supposed genre. Check it out and pass it on.

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