Short Film: A Bloody End Is Nigh in ‘The Apocalypse’

By  · Published on June 12th, 2013

Why Watch? Today is the End. Rather, This Is the End opens today. It seems like an appropriate time to highlight another comic take on the apocalypse, and one with an equally blunt title. Andrew Zuchero’s The Apocalypse played both Sundance and South by Southwest earlier this year, gleefully terrorizing festival audiences. Now we get to watch it ourselves via YouTube.

The calamity that strikes the earth in The Apocalypse isn’t particularly complex, nor does it need to be. Five minutes is just about enough time to establish the kind of disaster (heads exploding) and look at its immediate aftermath. The trick, which I’m hardly going to reveal before you’ve watched the short, is reminiscent of the bonkers Canadian zombie flick, Pontypool. There’s no need for explanations, and there’s even less need for multiple locations. A few friends are hanging out in an apartment, and heads start exploding. Zuchero’s assault on human life is odd, hilarious and furiously quick.

Also, you get to watch Kate Lyn Sheil’s head explode while Martin Starr watches in horror. What’s not to love about that?

What Will It Cost? Just over 5 minutes.

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