Short of the Day: Tragedy, Grief, and Missed Connections on ‘Valencia Road’

When traumas collide.
By  · Published on August 29th, 2017

When traumas collide.

They say that extreme situations forge extreme bonds. For example, it’s not unusual for people who survive plane crashes to stay in touch for years afterwards, despite being total strangers up to and even past the moment of the tragedy that links them. The idea is, no one else can relate to the post-traumatic effects of tragedy like those who also experienced it.

In some instances though, the differences between people like this are more overwhelming even than the extreme situation that links them. Without straying into spoiler territory, this is the root idea at the heart of Valencia Road, a short film from Logan George & Celine Held in which a woman on the way to the reading of her recently-deceased father’s last will and testament comes across an extreme situation on the side of the road that tests the bond of tragedy.

A slow, subtle, and complexly emotional drama – all compliments – Valencia Road speaks to issues of isolation, the evolving nature of human connection, and the varieties of grief. The film premiered over at and has been selected for, both for good reason. George & Held have an indisputable shared eye for the minutiae of life that can ripple into major and even dominant facets of our emotional composition, and Valencia Road is a triumph of that kind of ambiguity.

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