Short of the Day: ‘Dedalo’ is a Labyrinth of Sci-Fi Suspense

A taut thriller with AWESOME effects.
By  · Published on May 29th, 2017

A taut thriller with AWESOME effects.

Any filmmaking, even short filmmaking, is an ambitious endeavor to say the least, but in particular sci-fi filmmaking is especially laborious owing to its dependence on VFX and other such out-of-this-world imagery. Thus even the decision to make a sci-fi film is an undertaking of mammoth proportions, whether said film runs for 90 minutes or nine. But when done right and done well, a good sci-fi film reaches beyond the parameters of its genre. Think Alien, The Martian, District 9, 2001, Solaris, or Star Wars, all of which are thought of as being far more than mere sci-fi films.

Jeronimo Rocha’s pulse-pounding short Dedalo is another such sci-fi film that uses a taut story and thrilling VFX to transcend genre. The title refers to a refinery spaceship which a host of diabolical creatures have infiltrated; one woman, Siena, tries to survive their vicious onslaught. Yes, right out the gate the flick would seem to borrow a lot from Alien, but what was that Picasso said about such things? Ah yes: “good artists borrow, great artists steal.” What’s unspoken there is the afterthought that once stolen, great artists mold material to their particular vision in a way that makes the end result feel both familiar and foreign, or in other words, captivating.

Dedalo” is Spanish for “maze,” and true to this Rocha has constructed both a physical and emotional environment with twists and turns and unexpected obstacles around every corner. Cube was another film that came to mind watching this, as Dedalo, in addition to its awesome action, will leave your mind reeling as well as your heart racing. You gotta check it out.

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