Set Visit: An Introduction to 26 Members of the Green Lantern Corps

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Last year, I had the honor of traveling down to New Orleans, piling in a van, heading to a secluded warehouse and talking to an alien. I also spoke with the first human member of an elite group of interstellar heroes, a director who has more energy than anyone at his age has a right to, and I got a glimpse into a world beyond our own.

So before comic book purists protest the insanely small number listed in the headline, these are the Green Lanterns hanging up on a wall somewhere in New Orleans – character design sketches to fill out the alien landscape of those who bravely, selflessly, and fearlessly patrol the universe. Some were born from the comic books, others from the minds of the production team. Some will be featured heavily, others will be hanging out (valiantly) in the background.

We’ll be bringing Green Lantern set visit coverage to you all week, but to get things started, we figured it would be a good idea to do a round of introductions. Some you already know, and some you haven’t yet had the pleasure, so we wanted to make it official. Green Lanterns, meet the world.

The world, meet the Green Lanterns.

Abin Sur

Home World: Ungara

Voiced by Temuera Morrison in the movie, the magenta-headed hero Abin Sur was a history professor before being tapped to become a Lantern back in the (earth decade) 1860s.

He has a long legacy of service, including recruiting Hal Jordan after crash-landing on earth. Oddly enough, Clark Kent was the first candidate found by Abin Sur’s ring, but since he wasn’t native to Earth, Hal got the gig.


Home World: Muscaria

Amanita is a sentient mushroom who might possibly be older than the Guardians (sentient mushrooms have a ridiculously long life span).

Appropriately, even simple tasks take a long time for this Lantern, but speed (or lack of it) does not seem to hinder his ability to battle.


Home World: 7Pi

One of the oldest Green Lanterns still active, Apros is a legend that has earned enough medals to fill an entire chest (if the Corps had medals (and if Apros had a chest)).

While not the main trainer, he often helps out by psionically training the fear out of the rookies. Also, yes, he looks like something you’d order at Outback Steakhouse.


Home World: Bellatrix

Rocking some pink skin and a hyper-aggressive attitude, Boodikka is a three-hundred-year old killer who acted as a mercenary on her home planet. In the original comic arc, she’s recruited after Hal Jordan, who has more than a few personality clashes with her.

She’s an impressive fighter (a common hobby back on Bellatrix), but her issues with authority figures get her into trouble – sort of like a pink, female-ish Hal Jordan.


Home World: Apiaton

Simply put, Bzzd is a badass. He’s an insect-like being with the size and polite Napoleon complex that goes with the distinction. That causes a little friendly ribbing from fellow Lanterns, and it might also be the reason why he’s more likely to pull out an atomic warhead as a construct instead of, say, a hammer.

He’s one of the boldest members, and he would give his life for the cause if it came to it. Plus, he’s partners with Mogo – the sentient planet who understandably doesn’t hang out with other Lanterns.


Home World: Barrio III

Chaselon looks like a giant version of that diamond your girlfriend keeps begging you for with tentacles attached at the sides.

He’s a crystalline structure with 13 senses, and the ability to communicate with others of his race through a universal harmonic, but he (and his home planet brethren) still feel the need to wear wigs and those aforementioned robotic appendages to “fit in.”

Galius Zed

Home World: ?

This character was introduced in 1981, and has been involved in a ton of battles (including driving of an alien crime syndicate away from Earth).

Most recognizable as a head with arms and legs sticking out of it, Galius Zed is quick to battle, even if it’s to speak out against The Guardians themselves. Leave it to a giant cranium to be outspoken.


Home World: Takron-Galtos

Once working as a prison guard, G’Hu was taken hostage by the inmates.

Instead of waiting for rescue, he went ahead and took out all the inmates himself. He’s incredibly capable in battle, and is rising up the ranks thanks to his skill and a little help from Salaak.

Green Man

Home World: Uxor

Not Charlie Day in a full spandex body suit, Green Man is a nickname of sorts for the being from Uxor – a planet that abhors individuality. Thus, without individuality, there are no names.

This particular Uxorian desperately wanted an identity beyond the group’s, so deciding to accept the invitation to become a Green Lantern was an easy one. Of course, there’s also the Green Man from Uxor partnered with Stel, and they’re hard to tell apart just by name. Either way, they both have poisonous blood which probably comes in handy.


Home World: Ovacron Six

When you come from a world that frowns upon using weapons, you become a Green Lantern that is more prone to punching with your frighteningly large hands than using your ring constructs.

As such, Hannu is a brawling bruiser who you would not want to run into in a dark alleyway.

Isamot Kol

Home World: Thanagar

One of the more recent creations in the comics (and named after editor Peter Tomasi), Isamot Kol is a human/lizard hybrid being who doesn’t believe in cowards or surrender.

In fact, he hates both so much that when an order to surrender was given during the Rann-Thanagar War, Isamot Kol killed his commanding officer, and then led his comrades to victory. He was imprisoned for the murder, set to be killed, but the Green Lantern Corps saved him and brought him into their ranks.


Home World: Bolovax Vik

Large and pig-like, Kilowog is a central figure who trains the newest of the Lanterns. Expect a lot of face-time between Hal and Kilowog (voiced by Michael Clarke Duncan) in the movie.

Back on his home planet, he was a talented genetic scientist, and if you hear him use the word “Poozer,” it’s a slang term for rookies (and one of endearment).


Home World: Sputa

Another Lantern from a world that has no individuality, Larvox also can’t speak so it uses the ring to communicate.

Looking like a stretched out version of the henchmen from Despicable Me, it’s asexual (which is why I keep calling it, “it”), lived on a planet where life evolved from bacteria and insects, and recruited Amanita.

Lin Canar

Home World: Fluvian

Beings from the underwater world of Fluvian are vegetable-based. Lin Canar has the distinction of gaining powers through an accident that occurred during his scientific research that led directly to him being recruited by the Corps.

Unfortunately, that accident also unleashed a disease into the waters which has caused the entire planet to be quarantined.


Home World: Zanna

M’dahna looks sort of like what might result from a clam, an octopus and a horse having a threesome.

He’s fought with the Corps for over (at least) 1,ooo years and seen some of the biggest and bloodiest battles. During a certain point in history, his race mysteriously disappeared, and M’dahna patrols looking for the rest of his kind.


Home World: J586

From a planet where plants are at the top of the food chain (a nightmare not brought to you by M. Night Shyamalan), Medphyll is a storied fighter, but he’s susceptible to cold temperatures and is (no joke) friends with Swamp Thing.

He’s also fought with the Corps in some of their most important battles, and does some of his best work when he’s able to burrow underneath his enemies.


Home World: ?

It might have been tough growing up as part of a nomadic tribe called The Relentless that took your supplies and left you to die whenever you fell down, but Morro emerged to become the crypt keeper of Oa and the protector of Sector 666.

I’m not making that 666 part up.

N’gila Grnt

Home World: ?

N’gila Grnt is a brand new Lantern – the creation of the movie production team.

The name is in honor of costume designer Ngila Dickson and Production Designer Grant Major. Dickson and Grant are both veterans who won Oscars for their work on Lord of the Rings, but as for the Lantern named after them, we’ll have to wait for the movie to see what kind of characteristics she might have.


Home World: ?

Not much is known about Norchavius, but he’s an accomplished artist (which seems rare amongst these warriors) and made most of the statues that populate Oa’s Great Gardens.

How is an artist helpful in battle? It’s unclear, but it’s nice to know that the Lanterns can appreciate beauty on top of bravery and brawn.

R’amey Holl

Home World: Papilliox

Butterfly-esque in her human appearance, R’amey Holl is also a member of The Corpse – the secretive black ops force of the Corps.

She’s also one of the newer comic book creations, and she fortunately speaks with the annoying mannerism of doubling up words and phrases like “task-mission.”

Rot Lop Fan

Home World: The Obsidian Deeps

Technically not a Green Lantern, Rot Lop Fan is a Green Bell hailing from an unnamed planet in The Obsidian Deeps where, you guessed it, there’s no light. Without light, there’s no lantern.

In fact, the idea of light (not to even mention the color green) is something the blind Rot Lop Fan can barely even imagine. When recruited, he learned to utilize his hearing and manipulation of sound to create ring projections, and he does so with incredible ability.


Home World: Slyggia

Pessimistic and rules-bound, he also maintains a confidence that leads to unbelievable will power. During part of Corps history, he became the Keeper of the Book of Oa and the second in command after the Guardians.

Salaak attempted to patrol, and took a shot at several sectors, but the experience depressed him. He’s also lived in the future – because that’s totally possible in comic books.


Home World: Korugar

Played by Mark Strong in the movie, Sinestro is an insanely powerful construct builder who gained his power ring and entrance into the Corps through questionable means. Back on his home planet, he was an anthropologist who painstakingly recreated a large segment of ruins (which clearly added to his ability to build with the ring).

He’s a fierce, intelligent Lantern who becomes a mentor figure to Hal Jordan. Sinestro is, among many in the Corps, considered to be one of the greatest Green Lanterns.


Home World: Grenda

A machine from a world where mechanical beings rule, Stel is a drill instructor and a legendary member who has seen more than his fair share of battles.

Partnered with Green Man, he patrols Sector 3009 and has been crucial in saving the universe at least twice.


Home Planet: Xudar

Voiced by Geoffrey Rush in the movie, Tomar-Re plays a pivotal role as a trainer and member of the Honor Guard. Deeply close friends with Abin Sur, he is also the first lantern to meet Hal Jordan.

A well-respected member of the Corps, one of Tomar-Re’s most famous failed missions was the attempt to stop the planet Krypton from exploding.


Home World: ?

Looking like a giant hamster yeti, Voz has patrolled, but he is now the warden of the Sciencells (the jail on Oa where some of the universe’s worst villains are held).

He rules with a hair-covered iron fist.

Be on the Lookout

Some of these Lanterns will be front and center while others will act as Easter eggs in the background. Keep your eyes open and see if you can spot these characters when the movie comes out in June.

And keep your eyes open for more set visit coverage which will continue throughout the week with interviews from Mark Strong and Ryan Reynolds as well as some other shenanigans.

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