Required Reading: Vibrating Movies and Nic Cage’s Crazy Career

By  · Published on April 14th, 2014

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“Irrational Treasure” – There are a lot of Nic Cage thinkpieces floating around now with Joe being a surprise for anyone who forgot that Cage is a brilliant actor, but Alex Pappademas at Grantland explores the past decade in order to parse career choices that would have made some people forget that Cage is a brilliant actor.

“Whatever Happened to The Late Night Guest Host?” – Like Tony Randall filling in for Jerry Langford, Mike Ryan at Screen Crush looks to the changes in the media landscape (and in the late night game itself) to find out why Kermit the Frog isn’t interviewing Vincent Price anymore.

“Are good vibrations in store as cinemas amp up film experience?” – Betsy Sharkey at The LA Times notes how theaters are turning back to the fourth dimension to try to score higher ticket prices. She sizes up a few options that could rattle more viewers if they catch on.

“Tracking the eternal appeal of vampires on film” – The Dissolve gang commiserate on why we love bloodsuckers so much. Is it because they become metaphors for almost anything? That we enjoy the danger? Or that we simply love sexy powerful beings?

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