Required Reading: Middle-Age Sex in Hollywood and Paul W.S. Anderson’s Insane Vision

By  · Published on February 24th, 2014

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“Hollywood is still confused by sex and the middle-aged girl” – Kathryn Laskaris at The Star makes a stretched connection from Gravity’s moderate skin-showing, but raises some interesting questions about how we view older women on film.

“The Other Paul Anderson: The Psychotic Action Vision of Pompeii Director Paul W.S. Anderson” – Matt Patches at Grantland interviews the director about some of his signature scenes. The piece somehow doesn’t launch a pool of blood at your face.

“America’s next Wal-Mart: The indie film industry” – Beanie Barnes at Salon looks at the numbers and makes a case that thousands of movies are being made every year that no one has any intention of seeing. Supply is crushing demand.

“Cool Story, Bro” – Emily Nussbaum at The New Yorker reports from the future (March 3rd) on the true nature of True Detective. Not just another voice in the “overrated”-singing chorus, she offers a critique that seems obvious, but that’s been obfuscated.

“Sarah” – D at responds to the death of a young woman on a film shoot by urging the right people below the line to say “No” when safety is on the line.

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