Required Reading: Marvel’s Villain and Undying Hero Problem

By  · Published on August 6th, 2014

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“Marvel’s big bad is becoming a problem” – Matt Singer at The Dissolve sighs at the slow roll out of a weird, purple guy who’s done absolutely zero menacing things.

“The entire Marvel Cinematic Universe is building to a confrontation with Thanos. He is searching for these mythic objects of immense power, the Infinity Stones, and eventually (probably around the time of Avengers 3) he’ll become too powerful to ignore. But that’s several movies and years away. In the meantime, we are stuck with these teases, which are becoming so tiresome they’re beginning to undermine Thanos’ credibility as a legitimate threat before he even gets going. The guy hasn’t done anything yet, and I’m already kind of sick of him.”

“Marvel, please stop pretending to kill your heroes” – James Hibberd at Entertainment Weekly offers an open letter targeting the worst comic book trait to be ported over to comic book movies.

“An Open Letter to Sony Chief Amy Pascal: Here’s Your Opportunity to be a Leader for Women” – In more public advice, Melissa Silverstein at Women and Hollywood implores Sony to use their Spidey-related superheroine movie as a platform for hiring a woman to direct.

“Stop Profiting from Piracy” – A lot of open letters today. In this one, Sons of Anarchy EP Kurt Sutter takes on Google.

“Guardians of the Galaxy and the rise of post-plot cinema” – Steven Zeitchik at the Los Angeles Times examines the fast and loose plot of Marvel’s latest while playing fast and loose with the definition of “plot.”

“Does Guardians of the Galaxy Herald an Era of ‘Post-Plot’ Movies?” – You have to love internet response time. Max O’Connell at Indiewire takes on the concept and brings a dictionary along.

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