Required Reading: Hollywood Before Censorship and ‘Blended’ Tears

By  · Published on May 29th, 2014


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“Pre-Code: Hollywood before the censors” – Mike Mashon and James Bell at Sight and Sound go longform to celebrate the sexy, gangster-y glory of a storytelling system before the ethical handcuffs were slapped on.

“Even when prostitution isn’t obviously suggested, the pursuit of other vices could bring women characters low. Among the rawest of all the pre-Code pictures, Mervyn LeRoy’s Three on a Match (1932), about the varying fortunes of three women (Ann Dvorak, Joan Blondell and Bette Davis), crams a roll-call of forbidden themes into little more than an hour: infidelity, alcoholism, child abuse, gangsterism, undressing, drug use… The magnificent Dvorak steals the show as the lawyer’s tragic wife who sinks into a life of vice and crime.”

“Adam Sandler’s Bad New Movie Made Me Cry Like Nothing Else Before” – Jesse David Fox admits that Blended is stupid, and that a stupid movie hit him hard in the tear ducts.

“Did Blended Bombing Finally Blow Up the Adam Sandler Empire?” – John Lopez at Grantland wonders if the creative glut has finally caught up with Billy Madison.

“One Year Later: Star Trek Into Darkness” – Matt Singer at The Dissolve looks into recent history to keep the conversation going on the biggest movie of this point last year.

“I’ve seen three times now, and gone through key scenes on Netflix a few more times, and I still don’t fully understand the details of Marcus and Khan’s plans. So many of them hinge on a wildly convenient, incredibly strange plot device: 72 experimental, long-range torpedoes that Marcus gives to Kirk, which also happen to have the frozen members of Khan’s crew hidden inside them. Marcus wants Kirk to execute Khan and to get caught firing torpedoes at the Klingons in order to start a war; Khan wants the 72 human popsicles inside the torpedoes. But as far as I can tell, neither Marcus nor Khan know Khan’s crew are inside the torpedoes when they’re given to Kirk. “

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