Required Reading: Emerging Filmmakers, Docs at Cannes and ‘Dawn of the Dead’

By  · Published on May 15th, 2014

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“10 Comic Books That Would Make Excellent TV Shows” – Charlie Jane Anders at io9 rounds up the usual suspects in this perennial list, while adding some unexpected, clever choices. At this point it’s sort of strange that we can’t tune into Ex Machina on HBO.

“What’s Really the Matter with Cannes and Documentaries” – Daniel Walber at Nonfics notes the esteemed festival’s reluctance to show real-life stories and attempts to explain why.

“Cannes is nothing if not the physical manifestation of the resilience of the idea of the auteur in European cinema. Filmmakers like Ken Loach come back year after year, even if their recent work isn’t particularly impressive. Meanwhile, few Official Competition slots are given to directors who haven’t competed before. It sends a message that the filmmaker is much more important in the selection process than the film itself. Yet that alone doesn’t explain the absence of documentaries. There are nonfiction auteurs, certainly.”

“Dawn of the Dead” – Lincoln Flynn at his blog Invisible Work goes deep, deep, deep into George Romero’s zombie flick and doesn’t get any blue face make-up on him.

“Ever Wonder What Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Subscribers Watch? Take a Look” – Andrew Wallenstein reveals that online streaming services have been taken over by our aunts.

“25 Emerging Filmmakers to Watch” – The team at Movie Mezzanine profiles a slew of new, diverse talent that’s already proven itself on the big screen. We want more.

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