Required Reading: A Movie Predicted the Future and Seth Rogen is Still Cool

By  · Published on May 12th, 2014

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“Beat the Parents” – Wesley Morris at Grantland dissects Seth Rogen’s career as a series of everyday existential questions, getting serious about racial attitudes and the perils of crossing the word “young” off your resume.

“Why Seth Rogen is the Most Important Person in Modern Comedy” – Jacob Hall at Screen Crush breaks down an actor whose talents are constantly changing, even when you think he’s pigeonholed himself into stoned slacker purgatory. Remember way back in 2010 when this headline would have been about Judd Apatow?

“Legends of Oz Comes From the Island of Misfit Animated Movies” – Charlie Jane Anders at io9 reviews a wayward indie kids film, finding a double standard for the mediocre in cartoon films. As it turns out, it costs a lot more money (and takes a lot more talent) to make an animated film not abjectly terrifying.

“The Forbidden 007 Commentaries Are Now Free For Your Perusal” – Also at io9, a look at the banned, wonderfully candid commentary tracks from the Bond Criterion collection which are now available once more.

“Farewell to Community, Which Was TV and Everything That’s Ever Been on TV” – Matt Zoller Seitz comes to praise and bury.

“Eerie: Draft Day prefigures Johnny Manziel’s Browns Drama” – Steven Zeitchik at the LA Times discovers that life imitated art, or that the Browns saw the Kevin Costner dramedy and decided it got things right.

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