Recession Forces Hugh Jackman to Become ‘Avon Man’

By  · Published on July 16th, 2009

Damn this recession! When will the turn around come? So many have been laid off, so many are wandering aimlessly down the streets in tattered clothes, so many are eating beans out of cans. And now, the economic downturn’s latest victim is none other than super famous actor and mutton-chop enthusiast Hugh Jackman who has taken a job selling Avon products.

Or, he’s being cast as a character that has to sell Avon products. The details are still shaky in my head.

According to Variety, the X-man will join Fox’s Avon Man, the story of a car salesman who loses his job and sells out his masculinity a bit to start selling Avon products. The script is from Kevin Bisch, the same guy who wrote Hitch, and it looks like it might be a comedy following in the vein of those brilliant British down-on-their-luck-moxy-group-invents-creative-way-of-making-money films like The Fully Monty and Kinky Boots. Man, that genre needs a shorter name.

I personally love those damned movies, so if Bisch was able to create half as good a story, and if Hugh Jackman can perform half as much of the comedy mined from those situations, I’ll definitely be down for this movie. Plus, it’ll be great to see Hugh Jackman without CGI claws for a while.

But still, damn this recession.

What do you think?

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