Raiders + Rocketeer + Private Ryan = Captain America

By  · Published on August 10th, 2009

So we’ve been jonesing for news about this flick ever since we were the first to find Captain America lurking in the frozen wasteland of a shot in The Incredible Hulk.

I know we all hate math around here. The only reason we made it through algebra was the college-aged, blonde teaching assistant that would always lean over our desk to help us with quadratics. If you’re completely anti-math, consider the headline as “Joe Johnston’s Past Leaks Into His Future,” since it appears as if the director’s concept art for the upcoming The First Avenger: Captain America is being described by Louis Leterrier as, well:

It’s Raiders meets Rocketeer and Saving Private Ryan.”

According to an interview that Leterrier gave to the L.A. Times, and a few quotes that are spreading like a virus through the internet, it would appear that Johnston, who got his start in the art department for Raiders of the Lost Ark and directed The Rocketeer is bringing that signature style to his super hero flick. Funny – when said like that it, it seems like the news is:

Director to Direct Movie.

I know that he’s had a few missteps and a few changes in style, but even looking at his work on Jumanji and October Sky gives the sense of what eras he’s fascinated with visually. That mixed with the time period that Captain America should be fighting Nazis in makes this news a near-no-brainer.

Now the only two questions that remain are:

Alright, I added a question. So sue me.

So, yes, a director with a particular style is going to direct his next movie in that style. Another hot scoop for the internet!

What do you think?

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