New ‘Prometheus’ Viral Video Wants You To Meet Michael Fassbender’s David

By  · Published on April 17th, 2012

Some of you are avoiding Prometheus advertising like it’s the black plague or Cabin in the Woods spoilers or that bookie you owe money to. That’s fine. It’s understandable for a movie this gigantic, promising and appropriately mysterious.

But you’ll want to go back after seeing it this summer to check out all the cool stuff you’re missing.

Guy Pearce’s TED Talk was a hell of a way to introduce the world to Ridley Scott’s newest sci-fi epic, but now they want to introduce you to someone else: Michael Fassbender’s David.

Tell him Happy Birthday, find out what he can do, and check out the video yourself:

So what does this thing tell us? What fanatical stabs in the dark can we make based off the content? Will David’s abilities and ethical freedoms play a role in the plot?

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