Momoa Cast as Greased Up, Freakishly Tall Redhead for ‘Conan’

By  · Published on January 22nd, 2010

On the heels of the announcement by NBC that Conan O’Brien will be vacating The Tonight Show so that Jay Leno can take us all in his wayback machine to 2008, it seems appropriate that Lionsgate is announcing that he will be played by Jason Momoa.

According to our friends over at Latino Review, Momoa has also been hired to play the sword-bearing badass for Conan.

The remake, as we all know, is being directed by Marcus Nispel who has so far only proven himself to fans by shoving a girl into a sleeping bag and lighting her on fire.

He also directed Friday the 13th.

Momoa is a television star who most notably ran in slo-mo for “Baywatch Hawaii,” and most nerdily ate cake on “Stargate Atlantis.”

Latino Review is also very excitedly reporting that an offer is on the table for Mickey Rourke to play the role of Conan’s father Corin – the role made famous by the bad ass character actor William Smith (who is the only person whose career involves Red Dawn and Zombiegeddon).

With production starting in two months, and the film set for a 2011 release date, the only question remaining is why they haven’t offered Max von Sydow a role yet.

What do you think? Can Schwarzenegger be replaced?

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